Becoming better men led by the God who created us.

Reaching men where they are with God’s vision for manhood.




Are you interested in being a better husband, a better father and a better man at work? Imagine winning as a husband to the point that your wife respects you and loves you for who you are. Imagine winning as a father to the point that you are the number one influence in your kids lives. Imagine winning at work to the point that others look up to you and want you on their team. Imagine having a focus and mission in life that goes beyond getting to the next level on your favorite video game. We are here to help you have a band of brothers that is for you, walking with you and all focused on living a life that honors the God who created us. At ROCK SOLID MEN we want to becoming better men led by the God who created us. We will help you grow as a husband, father and worker that honors God in all you do with a boost of weekly encouragement.


We live in a culture that has redefined manhood and devalued manhood to the point that men are settling for something far less than God originally intended. It’s time to get back to God’s blueprint for manhood. Our Savior Jesus Christ never wanted wimpy men or men who tried to do it all alone. Join ROCK SOLID MEN and let’s do it together.